Smiley Little Tiger Smiley Little Tiger

The smiley little tiger is trapped in the elven world, which has many dangerous monsters. In the game, you need to help the smiley little tiger collect the props and all the keys on the way so that he can leave here safely! Come and help him!…/id1505299647

1.Optimized the position and number of monsters in the scene, adjusted the difficulty of the game, and increased the fun of the game
2.Optimized game resources, fixed an issue that prevented characters from jumping continuously, and improved the user’s gaming experience

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Version: 1.0.2
Size: 119.09 MB
Seller: Nanjing Chenyueqi Network Technology Co.,ltd.
Released: 2020-04-09 07:00:00

Little Tailor 3 Little Tailor 3

Clothes shop for jungle animals is open. Monkey, rabbit, deer and panda are waiting for making beautiful clothes. Talk to your clients, understand their requirements and then design special clothes for them. Draw your design on the cloth, cut the clothes and sew them by using sewing machine. Decorate your masterpiece with colorful accessories. Experience the fun of managing your own clothes shop.

*Different animals as your customer: rabbit, deer, panda, monkey and sheep
*Tons of colorful cloths and styles to choose from
*Experience the fun of designing and making clothes
*Follow the instruction and you can be a tailor master
*Decorate your shop in the way you like

Want to be a great tailor and make beautiful clothes for animals? Come to download this game!…/id1486136380

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Version: 1.0
Size: 101.61 MB
Seller: Xi’an Qi Guo Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Released: 2020-04-09 07:00:00

My Baby Twin Dolphins My Baby Twin Dolphins

Baby Dolphin Twins lets you take care of the most adorable dolphin pets in a colorful ocean atmosphere!

Train your dolphins by feeding, caring for their wounds, taking care of their health, playing and doing training with them, making them the most delicious dolphin food snacks, and more!

Choose from three colorful Dolphin pets and play in seven fun modes of play with your Dolphin, even including a fun set of Minigames!

Feed your dolphin some delicious homemade kelp cakes! Top them with delicious toppings and watch your Dolphin chatter with delight at the delicious food!

Train your dolphin in a fun set of games including balls, jumping through hoops and bumping blocks with their head! They are so well trained and eager to please their trainers!

It’s time for bedtime – soothe your dolphin to sleep by playing them a fun tune on the keyboard until they drift off to sleep on the ocean floor!

Become a medic, and treat your dolphin’s wounds by treating them with some ointment, and bandaids! They feel so much better when being attended to!

My Baby Twin Dolphins is great fun for all ages, especially kids who love Pet Dolphins, and Ocean Creatures!…/id1494044283

– Performance updates & Improvements
– Screenshot updates

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Version: 1.1
Size: 450.59 MB
Seller: Beansprites LLC
Released: 2020-04-09 07:00:00

Beer Pong Party – Beirut Game Beer Pong Party – Beirut Game

Play this amazing beer pong party along with your fellows and wins that cup pong game contest. Enjoy different modes of round pong and bucket the ball into the cups. Throw the ball into the exact beer glass to win that pong party and drink it. Be the ultimate player of pong cup and uses your tricks to hoop the ball into the six cups. Make a perfect trick shots and win that pong games challenges. Be the master of ping pong party and bucket the ball into beer cup and drink the winning beer glasses. Enjoy the pong game with easy to use game-play controls. Be the last man standing by bucket the balls into entire cups.

** Key Features **
Easy to play
Be the last man standing when the six cups are finished
Quick and smooth game-play in paddle pong or be a the pong 2020 champion
Challenging beer pongs along with trickshots tactics
Wins that infinite pong and earn beer cups
Be a the pong party hero by drunk the entire cups…/id1494278532

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 91.85 MB
Seller: Ali Idrees
Released: 2020-04-09 07:00:00